In short

id Linked® is a sophisticated independent b2b platform and governance service provider for independent directors, interim managers, RCs as well as companies in the financial sector in Luxembourg, Ireland and Liechtenstein.

ESG & Digitation focus

As a company of the new decade, digitalization and ESG corporate values are our key objectives.

Our flagship product: id Ship

id Ship is a dedicated digital search match-making platform connecting independent/non-executive directors, interim managers, RCs (responsable du contrôle du respect des obligations) with investment fund initiators, management companies/AIFMs, SICAVs/ ICAVs, SPVs, banks, insurance companies and consultants/law firms.

For independent directors/non-executive directors, interim managers and RCs

Whether you are part of an independent director office or a stand-alone provider, id Ship helps connect you with counterparties who are looking for your profile, skills and experience.

Your registration, membership and making your profile available to searchers is free of charge.

You decide whether you want to share your profile with a searcher or not.

In the case of a final mandate, only a one-time fee will be charged.

For ManCos/AIFMs, SPVs, SICAVs/ICAVs, banks, insurance companies and consultant/law firms 

id Ship strives to help you, or your customers, to increase the number of suitable candidates with a desired profile.

A trial visit of the desired profile with an anonymized result can be performed free of charge.

Strengthen your corporate governance and organization

id Ship supports you to enhance your corporate governance by applying a sophisticated board of director, interim manager or RC selection process and succession planning.

Expand your service range as a service provider / consultant/ law firm

You will expand your range of services as a service provider with id Ship.

Your customers will benefit from your id Ship membership. All you have to do is provide them with your SICAV voucher free of charge.

If you, or your customer, have selected the preferred candidates you, or your client, will manage the interviews and selection process. 

In case of a final mandate a part of your membership fee will be refunded by id Linked®.

High compliance standards: Enhanced Due Diligence

id Linked® sets itself high compliance and KYC standards and therefore uses for own KYC purposes LexisNexis® WorldCompliance™ Data and Adverse Information Search™ when onboarding new members.

Enhance your corporate governance and organisation

Move from old boys network to diversity and create

a mixture of:

Age, Gender, Ethnicity, Personality, Background, Objective

and a balance of:

Independence, Attitude, Knowledge, Skills, Sector, Experience

Facts and Figures


Offering members


Searching members


Offering MEMBERS

Searching MEMBERS

Offering members


for independent directors/non-executive directors, interim managers and RCs


In case of a successful appointment of a mandate 10% of the first annual gross mandate fee plus VAT will be charged.

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Searching members


for Management companies/AIFMs, banks, insurance companies and Law Firms/Consultants

€ 1.200*

per year

In case of a successful appointment of a mandate 50% off the net annual fee will be reimbursed.

Free of charge

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for SICAVs, ICAVs, SPVs and General Partners

€ 600*

per year

In case of a successful appointment of a mandate 50% off the net annual fee will be reimbursed.

Free of charge

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For full pricing infos and conditions check Terms & Conditions.


We can report that id Ship has been successful in helping us search for an independent director for our Luxembourgish SICAV. The technology of their platform is state of the art and the quality of its members is most impressive. The search process itself is simple and intuitive. We can only highly recommend becoming an id Ship member to quickly and easily find the perfect fit for the independent director you are looking for. We will definitely use the platform again for future searches.”

Philipp Good, CEO of ESG-AM

The independent and effective appointment of board mandates is soon no longer possible in a satisfactory manner due to a lack of resources and competencies. id Ship can make a valuable contribution to closing these gaps and, in addition, to setting new impulses in the appointment of BoDs. I am convinced that id Ship is an extremely helpful support for many companies in the financial sector.

Max von Frantzius, Partner CM Law