PwC Société coopérative

PwC Société coopérative

Service Provider Type
Accounting & Payroll, AIFM, Auditor, Consulting, Corporate Secretary, Director Services, Fund Administration, IT Technology, Law firm, ManCo, RC - responsable du contrôle du respect des obligations, Tax Advisory
We offer a broad and deep range of market services from PwC globally covering the entire spectrum of funds and/or investment vehicles life cycle. Full range of services can be found on our Managed Services Hub.
You operate in the financial industry in a fast paced environment. This makes focusing on your core business a real challenge, especially in the face of complex and ever-evolving regulations, the increasing demands from investors, and the related data collection/aggregation/conversion from multiple sources.

You are looking for a one-stop-shop that can adapt to your needs. Our solution-driven teams at PwC can simplify and transform your daily business life through our wide range of services and co-sourcing solutions, leveraging on technology and efficient data management. Partnering with PwC can transform your operations, allowing you to lower your costs and focus on what matters most. The result? Greater peace of mind for you. Added value for your business, your partners and your investors.

Your contact persons are:
Benjamin Gauthier
+352 621334137

Edith Magyarics
Managing Director
+352 621337565

Francis Parisis
Managing Director
+352 621334635